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Salon Services 

Hair Care

Precision Hair Cut for Ladies                                                      $15 & up

Precision Hair Cut for Men                                                         $10 & up

Trim                                                                                         $10

Shampoo & Style W/Conditioner                                                $50 & up

Shampoo & Press                                                        $(priced upon consultation)

Intensive Moisturizing Treatment (For All Types of Hair)               $10

    -Replenish dry hair to eliminate split ends

Scalp Treatment w/massage                                                  $15

     -Relieves dry scalp, increases blood circulation to promote hair growth.

911 Corrective Reconstructure                                       $(priced upon consultation)

  "Two parts w/protein & moisturizer"

Color Services

All Color Services Include Shampoo,Condtion & Style

Retouch                                                                                $80

Demi Permanent color                                                            $65

Foil Hi Lights                                                                         $110 & up

Single Foils                                                                           $5 each (Additional)

Cap Hi Lights                                                                        $100 & up

Clear Gloss (for Shine)                                                           $75

Single Process Lift                                                                 $85                                       

Double Process Lift                                                               $125 & up

Custom color or corrective                                         $(Price upon Consultation)


  All Relaxers include trim at NO extra charge!

NGR (New Growth Relaxer)                                                   $75 & Up

Full                                                                                     $100 & Up

Texturizer                                                                            $65 & Up

 Hair Design

All Prices Include Shampoo & Conditioner

Rod Set                                                                              $60 & up

Twist Sets                                                                          $65 & up

Straw Sets                                                                          $65 & up

Flat twist                                                                            $50 & up

Finger & Dry Wave                                                             $60 & up

Braids                                                                $(Price upon Consultation)

 Pravana Keratin Treatments                     Price:  $350

The Atmosphere Day Spa is proud to offer Pravana Keratin Treatments to our clients.  Our Keratin treatment caters to anyone looking for a hair transformation to straight, silky smooth hair. This product works on any and every hair type, converting frizzy, curly, dry, chemically processed, wavy & even damaged hair into straight, silky smooth beautiful looking hair.  This is an intense treatment that leaves hair smooth, silky, shiny and frizz-free for up to 6 months!

When it comes to keratin, tough is good. Its strong protective qualities improve the hair both inside and out. Our unique biopolymer ingredient is virtually a "liquid form of hair" that gently blends with the hair on your head. It brings to hair what it was lacking to begin with and what it has lost over the years.

Is the hair dull, dry and damaged? Is it curly, wavy, frizzy, overly voluminous or unmanageable? Our Extreme Anti-Frizzing Treatment puts an end to all that.

The smaller keratin molecules penetrate the hair cortex improving and repairing the quality of the hair from the inside. The added strength, elasticity and moisture results in the smooth, soft, shiny and straightened affect.

The larger molecules coat the hair cuticle and take the environmental effects such as UV rays, smog, and smoke for your hair on the outside. Further damage to the hair shaft is prevented.


On average Keratin Treatments at salons around the country retail at $400-$800. 

Hair Illusions

Full Weave                                                                         $150

Single Weft                                                                        $5

Pieces (Ponytail or Chignon)                                              $50



Our waxing services are personalized to each clients needs.  Formulated to adhere to the hair and not the skin, our gentle hair removal products greatly reduce the possibility of out breaks and grown in hairs.

Eyebrow, lip or chin                                                          $10

Complete Fax Wax                                                            $30

Bikini                                                                                 $35 & up

Underarm                                                                           $25

Leg-Half (knee down)                                                        $40

Leg-Full                                                                             $55

Back                                                                                   $60


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1 Hour Blow Out Special

Time is valuable.  Take advantage of our 1 hour Blow Out Special.  1 Hour* receive a Shampoo, Conditioner and Style. We have select evening appointments availalbe and we also offer our HEADSTART Program. Start your day the HEADstart way. We offer appointment as early as 5 AM on select days!


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